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Words of Wisdom
Beware the monsters, dearest child,
Beyond the chain-link fence.
Their ways are fierce and dark and wild;
Of right they have no sense.
Do not approach the fence, my dear,
It cannot lead to good.
Don't venture out, don't face your fear,
Just do as mother would.
Speak not to those across it, for
Their ways are not our own.
Never seek or strive for more,
Or question the unknown.
And never listen to their words,
For what they say is true,
And if you ponder what you've heard,
You'll find they're just like you.
:iconslayde7:Slayde7 0 2
The dull tap of pebbles on glass
When you came to visit me every night
The scraping of shoes on roof tiles
And the birds chirping at the sunrise
When we talked until dawn berated us
The laughs of children playing
In the park where you gave me that ring
The small, hopeful "yes" in response
And the gentle tapping of tears
Falling at last for the right reasons
The murmur of the crowd in the pews
As you walked to me down the aisle
The solemn words of our vows
And the happy offerings of friends
As we stepped into life together
The patter of feet on linoleum floor
When she took her very first steps
The crackle of tape on cardboard
And the engine fading into the distance
When she set out to find her own path
The chirping of cicadas in summer
When we sat side by side on the porch
The distant sirens through stifled sobs
And the droning, sickening beep
That meant I would now sit alone
Silence isn't quiet anymore.
:iconslayde7:Slayde7 2 4
Avengers Logo Start Orb by Slayde7 Avengers Logo Start Orb :iconslayde7:Slayde7 8 2 Eye Bat Start Orb - Yu Yu Hakusho by Slayde7 Eye Bat Start Orb - Yu Yu Hakusho :iconslayde7:Slayde7 3 1 Sopio Card Template by Slayde7 Sopio Card Template :iconslayde7:Slayde7 2 2
A Heart on Fire
I want to be brave.
Brave, like risking everything,
Like standing up when others sit,
Like getting up each time I fall.
I know I can be brave.
Brave, like loving unconditionally,
Like admitting a secret,
Like having faith in the unseen.
I will be brave.
Brave, like swallowing a grenade,
Like facing an angry dragon,
Like standing firm through the flames.
I am brave.
Brave, like one more round,
Like Him who gives me strength.
Brave, like you.
:iconslayde7:Slayde7 0 0
Hey Iris, it's me.
First of all, I'd like to apologize for hurting you. When it all comes down to it, I have you to thank. Without you, who knows if she would have made it this far? You're not the enemy; you've only been doing your best to protect her and keep her safe, and I understand why you take your role as the protector so seriously. You've had so many foes, and you have fought hard to keep them at bay. And in return, all you got was another foe: me. I'm sorry for that, too. At the time, I really didn't understand you. You and I both know that she's not the best at confrontations, and she really does need you to fight on her behalf. I understand why you hurt her, too. The world is a dangerous place, and you used the tools you had to try and keep everything under control. It's not about pain, and it's not about cruelty; it's about love. You knew all along that the world could (and would) do far worse; that's what you were protecting her from. (And for that, I am grateful!) Please
:iconslayde7:Slayde7 0 0
Through the Future's Lens by Slayde7 Through the Future's Lens :iconslayde7:Slayde7 10 2
Apathetic Shadows
It's like a blanket
That shrouds the world
                                        The sun is shining,
                                           so why do I feel cold?

It's like a suit of armor
That weighs me down
                                        I didn't know that safety
:iconslayde7:Slayde7 0 3
When we Drop our Guard by Slayde7 When we Drop our Guard :iconslayde7:Slayde7 1 2
It must be that my heart is made of ice
And yours of fire, ever bright and clear,
For just a kiss from you seems to suffice
To soften me, and melt away my fear.
Or, if my heart's a caterpillar, then
A hug from you is surely a cocoon,
For, were you to embrace me once again,
I'd be aflutter; your love makes me swoon.
Like flowers miss the warmth of summer sun,
I yearn to see your shining face each day.
I bloom with you, my heart's a knot undone.
Your smile: my color in a world of gray.
No happy phrase, no starry sky above,
No metaphor can quite express my love.
:iconslayde7:Slayde7 1 2
Cutie Mark Start Orb Pack by Slayde7 Cutie Mark Start Orb Pack :iconslayde7:Slayde7 24 14
B Mine
I spy A folded paper; it's
A note from me to U.
Side A would say it's for the birds;
That's not entirely true.
U C, I'm not sure Y I had
To send it off your way,
But G, my dear, I had to know
If U were still OK.
I need U like a calming T;
U R my sunshine, dear.
So here's a second, stamped and sent;
Part two: wish U were here.
:iconslayde7:Slayde7 2 2
I feel so worthless, cast aside;
I can't go on this way.
No longer shall I reach for life.
Recede, rework, revive.
Recede, perhaps I need some rest.
Rework, there has to be
A better way; not death, a knife.
Revive, content to bleed.
The tears, both red and clear, still flow;
My scars, I cannot hide.
Each cut is deeper than the last.
Recede, rework, revive.
Recede, I offer up my blades.
Rework, there has to be
A better way, back to the past.
Revive, through poetry.
My words are growing darker now;
The ink seeps through my mind.
My confidence begins to wane.
Recede, rework, revive.
Recede, just write of lighter things.
Rework, there has to be
A better way to share my pain.
Revive, a friend I need.
My friends have helped to get me through,
But only when they're near.
When I'm alone, the darkness plays.
Recede, rework, revive.
Recede, I can't do this myself.
Rework, there has to be
A better way - with me always.
Revive, God set me free.
I know I've sinned; I've fallen short.
He loves me al
:iconslayde7:Slayde7 0 4
Bright Eyes by Slayde7 Bright Eyes :iconslayde7:Slayde7 2 8
Lumen in Tenebris
I am Kemara.
I can give her strength
When her voice
Is weak and faltering
And courage
When it escapes her.
Who was there for her
When she was nervous
About her date
And who was there
To help her study for finals?
I sure didn't see you around.
I am Venia.
I can give her energy
When she doesn't know
How to press on
And she wonders
If life is worth living.
Who was there for her
When she had fights
With her ex-boyfriend
And who was there
To help her through honors class?
'Twas you who turned your back.
I am Seriya.
I can give her happiness
When the whole world seems
Like it's against her
And innocence
When she feels corrupted.
Who was there for her
When she needed
To be cheered up
And who was there
To make cheesy jokes?
Knock knock. Iris who?
I am Slayde.
I can give her protection
When the storms of life
Try to beat her down
And she feels
Like she's tied to the tracks.
Who was there for her
When she felt
So much of your pain
And who was ther
:iconslayde7:Slayde7 1 7


PokeMonster Hunter Icons by Gryphon-Shifter PokeMonster Hunter Icons :icongryphon-shifter:Gryphon-Shifter 2,550 146 Fox tattoo by Syncratio400 Fox tattoo :iconsyncratio400:Syncratio400 30 9
Green From Ashes
I was born in a garden,
    barefoot among the sprouts
    and everything was green and
    everything was living and
    I was living.
I grew up in a garden,
    right along side flowers
    I so carefully cultivated
    and tended to, and they
    tended to me.
I was alone in my garden
    with people passing by
    outside the gate or
    stepping in to pick
    a flower to take.
I didn't mind sharing the garden
    because each blossom was
    so unique but I did wish
    everyone would be more careful
    where they stepped.
I wanted to share my garden
    so I handed out the flowers
    though some people still
:iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 6 4
it was cold but that wasn't
why i was shaking
there in my white dress
there in my bare feet
there in my ruined makeup
and on the cold bleachers
    there in the night
my shoulders shook so hard
and something had an iron grip
around my chest so tight, i was sure
that i would never breathe again
   and i realized that the
   agonized wail that deafened me
         was coming from my own mouth
there in my white dress
      in my bare feet
      in my ruined makeup
      on the cold bleachers a floodgate opened
    and it would be my place in hell to
    weep and gasp alone as every memory
    of everyone i'd hurt and everything
    i'd messed up and every single failure
    washed over me, entombed me, drowne
:iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 11 13
No One Prays for Lucifer
... but no one ever feels bad for the wolf, do they?
No one thinks anything of him other than he's
         bad and he's evil and he's the villain so
         he deserves it.

                                    Which wolf?
Which wolf? Any wolf, take your pick. Red's
wolf, the pigs' wolf, Dante's wolf, our wolf.
one pities them, no one feels bad when they die.
But wolves get hungry too. And wolves hunt,
   because they have to eat.
Hungry wolves hunt,
because nature made them hunters and like any
other living being, they have to eat to l
:iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 2 2
elysian fields
there was a moment there
  a moment where i didn't hear the crowd
     or see them walking past so close
  a moment where everyone's voices faded
     and there was only the sound of the carillon bells
there was a moment there
  when all i could see was the sun in
      the leaves of the tree branches that
         splayed out above us, and the blue
                 of the peaceful sky
  and all i could feel was the cool grass
         under my back and the breeze playing
             across my skin and your hand
                  your soft tou
:iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 1 3
You've Always Been Brave
You were there from the start
and you saw the ups and downs,
saw the speed increase and
maybe you could see that
the brake lines were cut.
That was where it happened.
The crash, there was fire
and the terrible sound of
everything being torn apart.
An explosion rocked that
part of the sky and you
couldn't have known what
would walk from the rubble,
but still you stood your
ground while the dust settled.
That was where you saw me
at my lowest, but you didn't
avert your eyes though I was
broken, bleeding, crying. You
didn't turn away even though
I was dying, lying there content
to let death take me because I
didn't think I deserved to be saved.
That was where you taught me
that it was ok to love myself, as
you bandaged up my arms and legs
and kissed my face despite the
smeared makeup and held me in
your arms, despite the chaos
that had followed me there.
That was where you told me
that you didn't mind that I
was broken, and you'd stay
even though you knew about the
chaos that hounded me.
:iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 3 4
PokeNike: Finished by Gohush PokeNike: Finished :icongohush:Gohush 3,707 501
at first the view's exciting
there's static in the air
and clouds are gathering
the horizon is thick with
thunderheads and lightning
arcs in the distance
the wind picks up
this is what you wanted
no more feeling stagnant
or stuck and no more not
knowing what to say and
it's starting to rain
softly, lightly at first
and those first few drops
on your face feel like coming
to life and the breeze that
caresses your cheeks catches
up your breath and you know
that this is the perfect storm
the one you've been waiting for
the clouds roll closer and
the sky gets darker and you
can feel the energy of each
forked bolt of lightning and
you're revitalized and the
rain is falling harder now
the temperature drops
and this wind is blowing faster
whipping your hair around your
face and the sound of thunder
reverberates in your bones
resonating in your heart and
everything you wanted to say
finds a way out because there's
nothing holding you back now
the floodgates open
and you get so caught up
in it t
:iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 3 9
Once upon a time, when I was younger,
they wanted me to be a princess, so
they dressed me up in pink and purple
and did up my hair in long, brown curls
and taught me my manners but I didn't
understand why princesses weren't
supposed to want to run barefoot through
the woods and play with race cars but
it was all a game anyway so I did what
I was told because I was already a
good actress.
But on into middle school, I was
trying to please with good grades
and good merits, and a winning smile,
and the right type of conversation,
but I wasn't so good at the "friends"
thing and I didn't make them happy
because princesses aren't supposed to
swear so much so instead I just
didn't talk.
And then onto high school, where
scholarship was the name of the
game and I played well, with more
good grades and accolades but I still
wasn't their princess because girls
aren't supposed to like other girls
and princesses aren't supposed to spend
so much time alone or write so much
morbid poetry.
And then in
:iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 4 4
There's something about you
that gives me butterflies,
and it's silly because we've been
friends for so long but
there's love on your lips and
your voice is a song
and your eyes leave me
breathless and just your touch
reminds me of who I am and
pulls me through every storm
and I just want to hold your hand
and feel your warmth.
Maybe it's in your smile and the
way you can't help but close your
eyes when you're that happy and
when I know it's just for me,
you wrap me up in your laughter
and you're all I see,
or maybe it's the way your arms
wrap around me and we just seem
to fit together that gets me so shy
but there's something about you, my
best friend and love, that gives me butterflies.
:iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 3 8
when I'm with you I just want
  to photograph your smile
a hundred times with an old
        Polaroid Camera
  so that when you have to go
I can spread out all the photos
   and watch them develop
       and smile back
   and that would be enough
   but when I hear you laugh
I just want to pour all of it
into old, sturdy canning jars
  those kind that never break
  so that when you have to go
  and I'm sitting in the quiet
I can twist the lids of a couple
  only halfway open and listen
         and laugh too
   and that would be enough
  but when I'm in your arms
I just want to tangle up all
  your hugs in butterfly nets
  so that when you have to go
and I'm by myself missing you
I can pull one out of the net
:iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 5 14
so i'll peel off my
      lips with their
manufactured smile
and remove
      my dry eyes
that have forgotten
the taste of tears
and i'll sweat off
      my face and
its mascara and
lipstick stains
and i'll catch the
     forced laughter
up in butterfly nets
and capture
    the invented hopes
and pour them into
an old canning jar
and i'll corral
    all my promises
and tie them up
and i'll rip away
      the bandages
  with no heed
for the bleeding
and all these i'll lay
down with my
broken sunglasses
and torn pants and
long-sleeved shirts
and gloves and hats
at the feet of
the world and
offer them up in
sacrifice and
forsake everything
i ever hid behind
and it will be
my last breath
and my first
:iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 2 2
they don't want me to tell you (or For A Friend)
The Black One doesn't like you.
The White One doesn't care.

and me in the gray
standing here lost somewhere
you have my gratitude
but my fear
do you know how deep the rabbit hole goes?
are you sure you shouldn't just end it here?
The Sharp One wants to hurt you.
The Blank One doesn't feel.

and maybe you can stop
this madly spinning wheel but
for your sake i beg you listen
to my concerned appeal
maybe you should be afraid of what
a light in the darkness might reveal
The Wrathful One thinks the worst of you.
The Calm One only sees.

i don't want to be a burden
or the cause of more unease
i could be a disease and you
battle them for the keys
that you'll walk away from this encounter
without some wounds - there are no guarantees
and i hope you know you don't have to do this for me because
The Black One fucking hates you.
The White One will never bend.

and i could never ask
for any better friend,
your kindness, a most gracious
and undeserved godsend
but i w
:iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 2 5
Darkness Within Beauty by ReyeD33 Darkness Within Beauty :iconreyed33:ReyeD33 308 66 Your Time Is Up by MutePoetess Your Time Is Up :iconmutepoetess:MutePoetess 9 7


by ReyeD33

I love the originality of this piece! When it comes to such ideas as beauty and darkness, we usually see one or the other, and it's rar...



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Is it sad that the first thing I did with premium was request critiques on some of my poems? XD Honestly, that's the only premium feature I'd really want. Everything else is nice, I guess, but the most valuable thing for me is getting feedback, comments, and critiques on my work. That being said, if you're reading this, you should totally go look at some of my deviations and leave comments. ;D


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